We all have our favorites!

Hairstylists all have favorite ‘go-to’ products that we know will do the trick.  Whether it’s a volumizing spray, a prep creme, or a Control Paste, we know what will work and what we like to work with.  So when a guest leaves the salon after a service, we want he or she to have our favorite hair care and hair styling products, so the hair we just cut/colored/styled can be as closely replicated as possible.  This will certainly attract attention, get compliments, and the inevitable question: “Who does your hair?”  And that’s when we get to meet a new guest who needs a new hair cut/color/style.  We love meeting new people!

artist's workshop

Yellow Line

Atelier literally means "artist's workshop", which explains our approach of combining superior education with creative vision to bring out your authentic beauty, while enhancing your best features to suit your lifestyle. At Atelier, you are our greatest work of art.