Salon Services

At Atelier, your haircut is done ‘Aveda style,’ starting with a professional consultation, followed by an aromatherapy ‘Moment of Wellness’: a heavenly stress-relieving scalp massage, Aveda hair cleansing, and conditioning to suit your hair type, a cut that compliments your personal style, and a skillful and complimentary blowout. Looking for cascading curls or flat ironing? Available for a small additional fee.

Our haircuts range in price according to the Atelier artist’s education, experience, and skill level.

Prices can increase due to additional time and/or product required to take care of long, thick hair or major changes.

Please note a $5 Health & Service Fee will be added on all service tickets.

Please ask us about which artist level might work best for you.

Bang trims are available for a small fee in between your scheduled haircut appointments.

Haircuts & Treatments

Master Artist$115 - $125+
Senior Artist$93 - $105+
Advanced Artist$80 - $90+
Artist$65 - $75
Advanced Protégé$65+

Specialty services that require extended appointment time, such as Long Hair Haircuts, or Deva Curly Cuts, are priced over the rates shown and will be quoted by the stylist.



In 3 formulas: this add-on service is offered at $38.

  • Bond Repair: Our most popular is a multi-step treatment in the Botanical Repair line to strengthen hair from the inside to prevent damage or split ends,.
  • Simply Shine: Adds beautiful, radiant shine to hair that lasts through 20 washes—in just five minutes.
  • Scalp Solutions: Enjoy a relaxing scalp massage as we clarify the scalp to reduce itchiness, irritation, and flakes while opening up the follicles allowing for maximum hair growth.


Atelier is proud to have Deva Inspired Stylists on the team, who have been trained and certified in Deva cuts.

What is a Deva Cut, and Do You Need One?

Read more about it here:

Hair Color

Looking for hair color that’s subtle, show-stopping, or something in-between? Atelier Artists can give you the hair of your dreams, using Aveda’s botanically-derived hair color. Sunflower, castor and jojoba oils leave your hair shiny and vibrant, and Aveda’s home-care regimen for color-treated hair will keep your color from fading away.

Color services range in price according to the Atelier Artist’s education, experience, and skill level. Please ask us which level will work best for you.

All color services are done with a wet finish. A wet finish is when we towel dry and comb out your hair after the shampoo and conditioning. You can add a beautiful blow-dry style to your color for an additional $25. If you add a haircut to your color, the blow-dry is included.

New to Atelier? If you’re not sure what color service you need—a subtle glow, or an all-over change—book an in-salon lifestyle consultation. Come in, meet the artist and formulate a plan. We’ll give you a quote for time, cost, and maintenance, and we’ll be able to reserve just the right amount of time. The consultation fee of $35 will be applied to your first hair color service with us.  We cannot quote pricing over the phone.

Set us up for success…email us some photos of your hair: front, back, and sides, along with an inspiration photo. Tell us what, if any, color/henna/gloss products are on your hair now, what you put on it anytime in the past 1-2 years. Be honest! Anything we don’t know about could impact your result—we go by what you tell us.

Email, subject line: “Looking for a hair color change.”

New Growth Touch-Up
Protégé $75
Artist$90 - $95
Advanced$105 - $115
Senior$125 - $130
Roots to Ends
Protégé $90
Artist$105 - $115
Advanced$125 - $140
Senior$150 - $160
Partial Head Highlight
Protégé $100
Artist$110 - $131
Advanced$137 - $148
Senior$153- $170
Full Head Highlight
Protégé $125
Artist$131 - $148
Advanced$159 - $170
Senior$181 - $190
Protégé ArtistAdvancedSeniorMaster
New Growth Touch-Up$75$90 - $95$105 - $115$125 - $130$155+
Roots to Ends$90$105 - $115$125 - $140$150 - $160$170+
Partial Head Highlight $100$110 - $131$137 - $148$153- $170$180+
Full Head Highlight$125$131 - $148$159 - $170$181 - $190$210+
*Add a blow dry to
any color service
Toner$55 and up

We love customized color work. We offer the following, but will ask for a Lifestyle Consultation to ensure the integrity of the look you want.

  • Going Lighter/Corrective or Customized Color
  • Balayage, Babylights, Foilyage
  • Silver/Gray Transformation
  • Vivid/Bold/Make-a-statement hair color
Lifestyle Consultation$35
(applied towards hair color visit with same artist)

*The color prices listed are starting prices. Prices are determined during the consultation and may vary based on the experience level of your Atelier Artist and the services, product, and time required to achieve your desired end look, which may be impacted by the length and thickness of your hair. Please note: Our front desk can provide basic/starting pricing, but final price is determined in person by your stylist after they meet with you.


Keratin Complex Treatment comes in 3 strengths:

SMOOTH FOR A LITTLE WHILE: The Express Keratin Blowout $195+
This is a lighter version of the full smoothing treatment, great for people who want 4-6 weeks of smoother, frizz-free hair. This service helps to reduce blow-dry and styling time.  This is not a permanent straightening service.

SMOOTHEST: The Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment $390+
Eliminates up to 95% of frizz and up to 3 levels of curl reduction, leaving the hair smoother, shiny and luxurious for 12-24 weeks, depending on how you care for the hair. Gentle enough to use on all hair types including color-treated, or highlighted hair.  This is not a permanent straightening service.

Delivers a super straight result. For the client who wants the most advanced straightening results for 3-4 months with extra strengthening, this is the one for you. Includes a special set of KC Max home-care just for this service. This is not a permanent straightening service.

KERATIN AFTER-CARE: Your Keratin Treatment is only guaranteed if you use the Keratin home-care, available at Atelier.

  • KC Max and Express Blowout: you can wash your hair the next day. It’s best to have your color done BEFORE your Keratin Treatment.
  • Keratin Smoothing Treatment: Don’t wash, wet, or bend your hair for 48 hours.


Want to ADD wave or curls? The Permanent Wave is back, but with an update! Our texture specialists are using larger rods, to give a more natural curl pattern. It’s important to come in for a consultation, so we can test the condition of your hair and give you an accurate quote.

We don’t do this service on bleached hair, hair that has been highlighted with bleach, or hair that has ANY henna on it. Permanent Wave service is charged by the hour.

At the time of booking, we will require a 50% deposit, due to the longer appointment time needed for these highly specialized services.

We do kindly request that you give us a minimum of 48 hours’ notice of rescheduling or cancellation, so we can offer another guest this large block of time. We can’t refund your deposit with less than 24-hour cancellation.

Hair Extensions

Amazing, beautiful, invisible hair extensions that are comfortable to wear.

Our artists are fully certified to use multiple techniques using the best extension systems available.

Take a look at some of the before-and-afters on YouTube.

We perform both hand tied extensions as well as Platinum Seamless and Short2Long tape in extensions. Both are human hair designed to give you the length and thickness of your dreams. A consultation will help you discover which is the best option for you.

Special Occasion Styling

Any occasion special enough for a new outfit deserves amazing hair. After all, a photo lasts forever—is it Instagram-worthy? Show us your dress and we’ll design the perfect hair to complement your look. Bring a photo of the red carpet hair you’re dreaming of and we can make it happen. You can even email it to us at and we’ll find the best artist for the job.

Contact us for pricing info for our services. We offer on-site services as well. Inquire by calling (408) 244-4222.

Styling & Blowouts

From smooth to sky high, coils to curls, all up to half up or boho braids—if you want it, we can make it happen.

Our stunning blowouts start at $50 for our newest level stylists, and increase depending on higher skill and experience. If you require an additional curling iron or flat iron session, there may be additional charges.

45 min Blowout
Advanced$70 - $80
Senior$85 - $90
60 min Blowout (long hair and extensions)
Artist$105 - $110
Advanced$110 - $125
Senior$125 - $150
45 min Blowout$50$55-60$70 - $80$85 - $90$95+
60 min Blowout (long hair and extensions)$55$75-80$95-105$115-$120$125+
Updos$100$105 - $110$110 - $125$125 - $150$150+

Our blowouts are priced for time required.  If you have long, thick hair, or if you have any extensions installed, book the 60 minute blowout.  We don’t want to run out of time to make your hair amazing!

Please be aware that there is a 24hr cancellation policy.  If you cancel with less than 24 hour notice there will be a 50% fee charged to your credit card.  If you no-call, no-show on the date of your appointment, you will be charged 100% for your reserved appointment,  billed to your credit card.  We will do everything possible to help you avoid any fees associated with late cancellations by sending you reminders. It is your responsibility to contact us at 408-244-4222 to cancel.  If you are sick or feeling unwell contact us immediately, there are no cancellation fees for postponing your appointment when you feel ill. If you come to your appointment with signs of illness, your appointment will be rescheduled and the cancellation fee will apply.