We Create Beauty, Not Waste

Beauty is the third highest waste industry. Shocked? So were we. But we decided to do something about it. Atelier is so excited to announce that is has partnered with Green Circle Salons to dramatically change our beauty footprint. Our salon will now be 95% waste-free and totally carbon neutral. How?



Hair trimming:

Green circle uses hair trimmings to filter water in cases of oil spills and can also repurpose hair into sustainable plastics.


Hair color: Hair color used to end up in our ground water, but not anymore! Green Circle extracts clean water (about 85% of color waste!) out of color and then uses the remaining chemicals to asphalt roads.


Hair foil: Foils are cleaned and reused as bicycle or car parts.


Single use items: Items that can’t be used in other ways, such as gloves or used cotton, are used for clean power production.


Carbon Neutral

Green Circle calculates our footprint- from driving to work, to turning on the lights, to running laundry- and purchases carbon credits to offset. Last year they planted a forest in Nicaragua!


To cover the cost of our conscious disposal our Eco fee will increase from $5 to $6 beginning 5/17/23. Thank you for choosing a salon that aligns with your environmental ethics. Together we are making a real difference!

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