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What’s New and Exciting at Atelier? Nutrafol!

Atelier is the newest Aveda salon to be an approved Nutrafol retailer.   We think Nutrafol is the perfect complement to Aveda’s Invati hair thinning line.  Invati cares for the scalp and hair on the outside, and Nutrafol gets the whole process going from the inside. Nutrafol pioneered the science of hair wellness and is the… Read more »


6 ways to get that fresh “Back to School” feeling (even if you are past your school years)

[Reprinted from the Living Aveda blog] AUGUST 23, 2018, modified for Atelier FALL IS A TIME OF REINVENTION – EVEN IF YOU’RE LONG PAST THE DAYS OF BACKPACKS AND BINDERS There’s a certain magic to that “back-to-school” feeling that hits in late August. The days start to feel a little cooler and you may find… Read more »


It never gets old…yet.

People ask me, “How do you stay in the same job for over 30 years?  Don’t you get tired of it?” My answer is always the same, “Absolutely not!”  Every haircut, every haircolor, is different.  Even after all the years I’ve been a hairdresser, when I’m working with one of my longest client relationships—a client… Read more »