6 ways to get that fresh “Back to School” feeling (even if you are past your school years)

[Reprinted from the Living Aveda blog] AUGUST 23, 2018, modified for Atelier

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There’s a certain magic to that “back-to-school” feeling that hits in late August. The days start to feel a little cooler and you may find yourself thinking about your fall wardrobe and hair style —or longing for the days when your biggest concern in life was picking out the perfect backpack. If you’re long past those dear old school days, don’t fret. You can still get the “back to school” feeling thanks to these salon services and Aveda products, and you don’t even have to buy any textbooks!

1. Schedule a trim. Summer probably did a number on your hair, whether you were splashing in the pool or hitting up wedding after wedding. If your hair is feeling lackluster, book an appointment at Atelier for a trim or a deep-conditioning Botanical Therapy treatment. Say goodbye to any damaged and split ends. It’ll give you that “fresh and new” feeling you used to get when your mom took you to the salon for your back-to-school hair cut.

julia                                                  kate

    Cut by Julia / Atelier Willow Glen                               Cut by Kate / Atelier Santana Row

2. Fill up your “backpack.” Remember stuffing your school bag with the trendiest lip glosses and candy-scented lotions to share with your friends before class? You can still do that as an adult! If we were going back to school, we’d be filling our bag with Feed My Lips lipstick in Goji, a vibrant true red, and Honey Ginger, an easy everyday neutral. Don’t forget the Shampure Dry Shampoo for days when you NEED to hit the snooze one more time and a Cooling Oil rollerball for any tense moments spent hovering over your textbooks … or your laptop.

3. Embrace change. If you want a new hair color to match your fall wardrobe, ask your Atelier Artist about a Hair Color Shine Treatment. This quick service delivers temporary (six-week) results and improves the condition of damaged hair. You’ll see and feel the difference right away, whether you’re glossing your natural color, trying a new color or coloring gray. Why not tweak your current shade a bit and go slightly warmer or darker for the new season? It will feel like a change without being too shocking.


Pixie cut and fun color accents by Anna / Atelier Santana Row

4. Master a new style. If you used to spend hours in front of the mirror getting your bangs just right or flat-ironing your hair into perfect straightness back in your school days, you’ll remember how important a new hair style can be for your confidence. That said, you don’t need to throw out your back or tire out your biceps doing your hair every day; why not try these easier-than-they-look, five-minute braids instead?


Color, cut, and styling by Celine / Atelier Willow Glen

5. Pick up some liters. Missing your dorm days? The best way to pretend you’re a freshman in college again is by stocking up on liter sizes of your favorite Aveda shampoos and conditioners — shower caddy optional. If someone you love is college-bound, you’ll make their year by gifting them a set too!

6. Keep the summer vibes alive. If you’re really not ready to let go of “summer vacation,” don’t! Cherry Almond Softening Shampoo and Conditioner’s juicy-floral aromas of tonka bean, certified organic orange, and ylang ylang smells just like summer and will keep your hair feeling wildly soft and sweet all year long.

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