How We Do Diversity at Atelier

A garden full of many types of flowers is a wonder to behold.  The diversity of petal shape, flower color and varying heights makes it a work of art.

A soup needs the complexity of multiple spices, an array of vegetables, and unique ingredients to create the most delicious flavor.

And the best symphonies are written to be played by a collection of different instruments–brought together in harmonies that give the musical pieces a fuller, deeper sound.

We feel the same way about the people on our team and the guests we have the honor to serve.

Diversity is important to us because we want our salon to feel welcoming to everyone.  It’s one of the ways we can learn about different cultures and lifestyles–through our conversations, sharing our food (our team potlucks are amazing), and creating beautiful hair.  Atelier is lucky to have stylists who are experts in all hair types: fine, thick, straight, curly, multi-textured, thinning, African-American, Asian, and Indian hair.

Atelier Salon Willow Glen, is proud to announce the creation of San Jose’s first Hijab-friendly salon suite–offering privacy for this community’s cultural needs.  This secluded two-chair suite has the perfect privacy salon set up, fully partitioned by a silvery privacy curtain, to allow our Hijab-wearing guests to have their hair washed, cut or colored, and styled–all from the styling chair–(the sink is built into the station) within a space that is partitioned off by their female salon stylist.  Our privacy suite has two beautiful stations, a comfortable sofa and a beverage station featuring our complimentary beverage options: triple purified water, Aveda Comforting Tea (caffeine and sugar-free), single-brew coffee, or wine.  All services include our Atelier signature stress-relieving mini-rituals using Aveda’s aromatherapy, like relaxing hand treatments with the luxurious Aveda Hand Relief or our calming scalp, neck and shoulder massage before haircuts.  This special suite will be available by December 17th, appointments are being booked now.  All stylist levels will be available, please ask for Private Suite Services at time of booking, as these are premium services and need to be booked in the suite, not in the main salon areas.  Call or text 408-293-3494.  The Private Suite services are ONLY available at Atelier Salon Willow Glen, at 1047 Lincoln Ave. Second Floor, San Jose, Ca. 95125.

What we love about Atelier’s diversity is the chance to hear many languages spoken in our salons.  From English and Spanish, Japanese to Vietnamese, Hindi, Italian, and even Amharic, the language of Ethiopia, the rainbow of communication is music to the ears.  And being able to serve everyone in our community is a joy to the heart.  Being able to create a space for everyone to come and enjoy an amazing salon experience makes us proud to be a small business in San Jose, and part of the fabric of our community.

We are Atelier, and we represent everyone.

Yours in Service,

Karie Bennett, Founder, Atelier

Rob Willis, Business Partner, Atelier Salon Willow Glen


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