The secret to great hair color (reposted from Aveda)


Our most versatile deposit-only color to date, Hair Color Shine Treatments, is quickly becoming a favorite among our colorists and guests. Want to try it? Ask for one at your next appointment — it’s only available at Aveda salons, especially your favorite–Atelier!

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Whether you want to deepen your current shade, camouflage grays, or experiment with a new hue, Hair Color Shine Treatments give your colorist the tools to take you there.

Just like it would be impossible for a painter to produce a work of art without a huge palette, a colorist can’t transform your hair into a thing of beauty without a range of tones to mix and match. That’s why our colorists are so excited about the new line; it’s totally changing the game. “It’s exciting. It delivers the results guests wanted and the performance that our hairdressers wanted,” says Ian Michael Black, Aveda Global Artistic Director for Hair Color.

So what exactly do colorists require to do their best work? Colors that are customizable are near the top of the list. “It means I can create any color I want,” says Ian. And this benefits guests, too.
“For my brunettes, it lets me create a really reflective chocolate brown that resembles polished wood. For my reds, I can take them richer, and more saturated in tone. And there’s not a blonde I can’t produce, from mushroom tones to rich golds,” says Aveda Guest Artist Lupe Voss.

And the customization doesn’t end at the number of colors Hair Color Shine Treatments let you create and wear. The process can also be done in five minutes as an add-on service at the rinsing bowl for guests who just want to deepen their current color and add shine, or it can be done in 20 minutes at the chair for those who want a more dramatic color change or to cover their grays.

Both colorists and guests also love the great shine they get from the new line —thanks to the naturally-derived conditioners it contains. (It’s a blend of certified organic kukui, sunflower, jojoba, and coconut oil.) “The way it leaves the hair feeling and looking is amazing,” says Lupe. “It’s also a great option for people who are covering grays but don’t want that dull, opaque finish,” she adds.

If you’re dreaming of a fiery red or blue-black shade, you’ll definitely want to try Hair Color Shine Treatments since the tones can be blended or used on their own for a more intense outcome. “I like to use it to add a bit of shine to the hair at the bowl before a haircut—then you really get a whole new look,” says Ian. “I think it’s the perfect color system for colorists. It gives me the flexibility to be the artist I want to be,” he says. Spoken like a true master.

Atelier has the complete line of Aveda’s Hair Color Shine Treatment tones and shades so your Atelier Artist can create the perfect magical color for you.

Excited to try a new color? Call us at 408-244-4222 (Atelier Santana Row) or 408-293-3494 (Atelier Willow Glen).

We’ll color your world.



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