AVEDA Texture Tonic is here!!


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AVEDA Texture Tonic

The most highly anticipated new product launch in years, and it’s finally here!

Now, wavy beach hair can be achieved using the power of plants and botanicals…with a little salt and sugar in the mix.

Sugar?  The beauty product world has had salt sprays for years, but Aveda has taken this texturizing spray a giant leap up with the additional of sugar to an epsom salt formula instead of table salt, which is what other salt sprays use.  Salt sprays have been the hero styling product for that undone hair texture, however, the high concentration of sodium chloride (table salt) in combination with frequent use can make your hair dehydrated and crunchy.  Aveda uses magnesium sulphate (epsom salt), which has larger, more diffuse ions, so your hair does not get such a hard, crunchy top layer.  “We add cane sugar to act as a natural moisturizer,” explains Sarah Willms , Aveda Global Director of Product Development. “The result is the desired loose wave structure, but with the preservation of a natural shine and a great, flexible hold.”  It also helps to strengthen the moisturizing effect of the sugar without sacrificing the good properties.

Whatever magic Aveda made their new Texture Tonic with, one thing is for sure, we have the ability to create some amazing hair texture and leave the hair feeling beautiful!

On shelf in August 2017, call now to put your name on the priority list to get your hands on it as soon as it lands!

Prefer to shop online?  Use this exclusive link for free shipping and samples, and you’ll support our team education!  www.bit.ly/atelieraveda


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