Does he, or doesn’t he?

Once upon a time, a popular haircolor product used this tag line in its advertising: “Does she or doesn’t she? Only her hairdresser knows for sure.”

These days, you only have to look at Instagram to see that people show off their professionally done haircolor. It certainly doesn’t have the secretive aura that it used to have. Even men are showing up in the salon for haircolor. Not just a few blond pieces on top, men are asking for their grey hair to be blended. What has changed?

Take a look at the job market. Competition is fierce for jobs, and an experienced worker may be a perfect fit for the position, but youth seems to give a candidate an edge. Grey hair isn’t always connected to youth, even if his first grey hair popped up at age 18.

More and more men are turning to the salon or the grooming type of barber for not just a great cut and shave, but also for grey blending.

Enter Aveda’s botanical grey blending treatment: 5 minutes relaxing in the hairwashing sink, and he’ll get high-impact, low-maintenance results.


Grey blending deposits a sheer wash of color to the white hair, leaving the darker hairs unchanged. It gradually washes out over 4 weeks. This treatment can be done while you’re relaxing at the shampoo sink…no one will even know it’s not just a conditioning treatment! The result is subtle, but impactful. You can have it refreshed every time you come in for your haircut. Don’t worry about damage to your hair…this is Aveda color, and it’s made with naturally-derived color. It also conditions the hair and scalp with organic sunflower and jojoba oils.

Ask us more about this high-tech, high-impact, low-commitment service!

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