Save the date for your hair!


Why It’s Best to Pre-book Your Next Hair Appointment

So you’ve just had your hair done, you are relaxed, looking great and your stylist is helping you find the recommended products you need for home. What’s next before you head out?

Prebook your next appointment!

Here’s why:

Security. A typical hairstylist services about 80 clients per week! There is security in knowing you have an appointment with your favorite stylist when you need it.Your stylist can help you determine, based on how quickly your hair grows and the look you want to maintain, how frequently you should come in.

Prebooking reassures you when that morning comes when you see that grey hair, or your hair is just too long, too full or too much,  you know your appointment is just around the corner because your stylist told you your hair would do that.

You will be scheduled for the correct services, thus allotting your stylist the precise amount of time he/she needs to dedicate to your hair.

Don’t worry. If your schedule changes, as everyone’s does from time to time, just give us a call. Our helpful Guest Experience Coordinators will assist you in moving your appointment to the next best time.

As with all appointments we will email or text you an appointment reminder three days in advance and a reminder call the day before your scheduled appointment.

Do you like a specific time and day? We can reserve that special time for you for up to a year.

From experience, when we finally discover our hair needs some attention it’s usually a week too late!  If you prebooked you would not have to scramble to find a time that you and your stylist can see you, or worse to see someone else.

Trust us, prebooking is much easier than trying to squeeze in last minute.  Save the date for us.  We promise we’re worth the commitment.

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