A letter that made our hearts sing!

Thank you to Atelier guest Lynna, who sent this email to our owners.  What a beautiful gesture…to take time out of her busy day to write out this wonderful compliment.  In a world where anonymous reviews are the norm, we treasure this letter and appreciate it so much.

“I recently moved to San Jose and, having been a regular customer of the Tangerine Aveda salon in Reno, I sought out a place nearby that used Aveda products. I had one appointment with Jessica at the salon in Willow Glen and found her to be highly competent and extremely pleasant.

After my first appointment, I received notice that the salon had changed hands, so at my second appointment I asked a few members of the staff how they felt about it. Everyone at the salon spoke so highly of the new management team, I had to take the time to write to you about this experience.

No one badmouthed the prior owner, knowing that would be unprofessional. Instead they just gushed about how much better everything is now, and that they are being treated like associates of a real company, with benefits that are not often offered to people in their industry.

The mood and spirit in the place was universally lighter and I cannot wait to see what other changes will be coming to the space. The best part is that the staff is excited about the future of their workplace.

Congratulations on your new acquisition and for making a positive difference to these people’s lives.


Lynna L.”

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