Miraculous Aveda Dry Shampoo–now at Atelier!

Let the clouds part and the heavens rejoice! Aveda has released their first dry shampoo! If you could

have heard the stylists’ shout when it was announced you would think they had outlawed drugstore hair

color. I’m going to let you in on a little secret: hairstylists wash their hair less than everyone else. Why?

Because we work hard on our styles and want to make them last as long as possible. Dry shampoo

returns second or third day hair to its original bounce and volume.

Aveda’s dry shampoo is unique in its application and aroma. It uses a non-aerosol squeeze bottle to

gently puff the product onto the hair. This ensures easy use (and more usage out of a single bottle vs.

aerosol) and excellent coverage. I cannot emphasize enough how refreshing the fragrance is. It uses the

Shampure aroma, an Aveda classic of twenty-five plant and flower essences, to give your hair that just

washed smell. Trust me, not even your stylist will suspect you’re a shower sloth!

As stylists, we are always advising our guests to wash their hair less frequently. Shampooing daily can

dry hair out and more washing often means more heat styling and thus damage. The longer a style lasts,

the easier your morning routine is and the better hair feels.

Aveda’s Shampure Dry Shampoo uses natural cassava and oat powders to absorb oil from your scalp

while leaving no residue or stickiness. Simply part your hair and puff the product directly onto your roots

throughout your entire head. Shake the product through with your fingers or a paddle brush and watch

your hair spring back to life! You can feel comfortable using the dry shampoo day after day as it does not

have hold and will not build up in your hair. One of my favorite salon tricks is to apply the Shampure Dry

Shampoo to my guest as soon as I finish my blow dry. This way I ensure their hair will not go flat by the

next day.

Come into the salon and ask your stylist for a Shampure Dry Shampoo demo. We love to show our guest

how it works before the shampoo, so you can see the immediate results. This is just one more product

from a line that is constantly innovating and keeping up with the needs of customers. We are sure that

you are one puff away from joining in our exuberant shouts!


By Atelier Blogger,  Comedy Writer, and Amazing Pixie Artist:

Anna Johnson


By Atelier Blogger,  Comedy Writer, and Amazing Pixie Artist: Anna Johnson

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