The Atelier Difference…it’s all in the education

The Atelier team curates the best of the best to be called Atelier artists. When I was a new beauty school grad, what attracted me to Atelier was its focus on education. Atelier Salon and Atelier Studio provides highly structured, post-cosmetology school in-salon training. This program is called the Atelier Protégé program and almost all of Atelier’s artists are graduates.

The Atelier Protégé program is graduate school for hair stylists.  A kind of ‘grow our own’ approach.  Stylists arrive at Atelier having already gotten licensed by the state. This means that they could legally begin working behind the chair. However, stylists that apply to Atelier crave the continued education it takes to be a top stylist in a competitive field. This program is two years long, one year focusing on hair cutting and the other on hair color. It is extremely competitive to be accepted into the program and one only makes it through and is given a position as an Atelier Artist through great dedication.

I became a Junior Coach in the program this January after having worked for the salon for four years and having been a graduate of the Atelier Protégé program. The advanced skills I learned in the weekly classes led me to my successful career, and I’ve always known that I wanted to pass on the information I learned to the next generation of stylists. It is completely different to teach hair instead of doing it. Teaching has made me reevaluate my own processes behind the chair and get back to basics with my guests.

Students take weekly classes beginning with theory, moving into hands-on work with mannequin heads, and then working on in-class models. They learn in-salon techniques that take them past beauty school basics and into the vibrant world of innovative hair design. That girl who gave you the awesome shampoo? The young man who re-invented your hand massage experience? They are all part of this elite force working to complete their hair education. During the work day, they keep the cogs of the salon running as well as observe and assist stylists.

The Atelier Protégé program is what makes Atelier the salon that it is. The love of education instilled in young stylists’ careers carries through as the salon brings in constant continued education for even the most seasoned stylists and partners with stylists to invest in outside classes. I am blessed to have started my journey as part of the coaching team at Atelier Salon. I look forward to watching the current protégés’ careers blossom as they are equipped to take on the beauty world. At Atelier, we are investing in the knowledge and skills to give the guest the best hair experience. We know that it is worth the extra effort and we think each one of our guests can see how it sets our salon apart. Come see the difference for yourself.


Anna Johnson: hair artist and Atelier blogger

Anna Johnson: hair artist and Atelier blogger

Anna Johnson

Atelier Salon Advanced Artist and In-Salon Coach


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