Organic Sun Care is here!


Now that we know that daily sun care is a must-do, rather than a should-do, we had to find the right sun care product to align with our eco-conscious sensibilities.  When we found Coola Organic Suncare, we knew we had found the perfect match!

Coola is among the most socially and environmentally conscious companies in the beauty business, which makes it a natural neighbor on our Aveda shelves.

Why do we love Coola?  Let us count the ways:

  • Made in San Diego, at a solar-powered headquarters
  • Coola donates proceeds to and American Cancer Society
  • All Coola packaging uses recycled paper, eco-friendly printing, and is biodegradable.
  • Oh yeah, and it smells luscious; you can choose scents of mango and cucumber, or opt for fragrance-free.

It’s the sun care we’ve been waiting for, in SPF from 15 to 50, in an organic formula that we feel good about sharing with you.


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