Curly or Straight? It’s the curly girl’s dilemma!

Whichever your desire, I can help you achieve the hair of your dreams.

My family and I moved to California from the Southeast U.S. and fell in love with the sandy beaches of Santa Cruz.  My whole family has naturally curly hair, so it is definitely a texture I have experience with and am comfortable working with.

Whether it’s a cut to enhance your curly locks or finding the best way to wear your hair smooth, I’ll teach you how to achieve your look.

If it’s color you are looking for, it’s important that a colorist knows how color reflects the light to bring shine to your curls.

As far as styling, did you know that drying your curly hair too much with a towel makes it frizz? Try just using paper towels to gently squeeze the water from your hair.  I prefer to let the water and Aveda’s Be Curly products work their magic for soft curls with smooth shine.

If you’ve been searching for a curly hair specialist, you’ve found me!

I hope to see you at Atelier Studio soon.


Be Inspired,

Cindy Urbany

Atelier Advanced Artist

408-244-4222 for appointment

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