How To Stretch Out Your Salon Hairstyle

You’ve just stepped out of the salon with an amazing, voluminous, shiny, swingy hairstyle, ready to take on the world. But what about tomorrow, when you have a job interview/bridal shower/blind date/family photo? How can you get great second-day hair? Here are a few tips from Atelier Founder and Master Artist, Karie Bennett:

  1. If your hair is at or below the shoulders, create a twisted, swirled bun on top of your head before bed and sleep in it. In the morning, take it out, brush to smooth, and lightly mist with a medium-hold spray, like Aveda’s Air Control. You’ll get soft waves and some volume to boot!
  2. Dry Shampoo or Style Refresher? Dry Shampoo sounds like a great idea: it’s quick, waterless, oil absorbent, and can give you volume, but it can look grayish-whitish and dry. I prefer Aveda’s Pure Abundance Style-Prep Smoother, sprayed at the root where you want to reduce oil and gain lift. Just use a large ceramic round brush (we like the ERGO line) and re-blow dry the sections where you need the refresh, usually on the top and front. Using a prep spray keeps hair looking healthy and gives you volume without the potentially dull powdery look.
  3. If your first day style was smooth and sleek, whip out your flat iron and do a little touchup on the top layer. It’s important to use a brush to get the tangles and kinks out first, or you risk ‘ironing the wrinkles’ back in. Apply a drop or two of moisturizing hair oil after you use the iron. Never use oil prior to using any hot tool. You can burn your hair.
  4. Change it up! Braids are always a great choice for warm weather—just tailor the style to your age, your hair, and your event. Longer hair can look summery and stylist pulled over one shoulder and loosely braided in one plait. Gently pull the loops of the braids’ sides to loosen then a little. This makes the braid a bit more grown up. A micro braid along the front hairline to one side is a great choice to keep hair off of your face. Just keep the braid short—from one outside eye corner to the other.
    Ponytails are always in style. Check Pinterest for some fresh ponytail ideas. The low pony, which sits at the nape, is always a chic way to pull hair back. Wind the pony into a sleek knot for a classic chignon.
  5. Add an accessory, like a jewel-accented headband. You can dress up or dress down any outfit with the addition of an appropriate hair accessory. Consider a small stud earring if you’re wearing a fancy headband so they don’t compete.
  6. Considering third day hair? You can wrap a sheer oblong scarf around your head and tie at the back for a bit of that Hollywood glam, or bust out a fun straw hat if you plan to spend time outside.

Everyone’s hair is different, so some can go longer, and some people need to wash more frequently. Need some personalized style education? Ask your hairstylist. They are well versed in the language of hair.

Karie Bennett is the Master Artist and founder of Atelier Salon and Atelier Studio, both located at Santana Row in San Jose, Ca.

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