How to control difficult bangs

Daily negotiating with cowlicks, growth patterns, whorls, and widow’s peaks is no way to start your day. Whatever you call those annoying misbehaviors in your hairstyle–the fact is, they make styling your hair next to impossible. Here’s a tip for getting your bangs to lie flat, even if you have some funky bends and parts in the front of your hairline.

On wet, clean hair, apply your styling prep and gel of choice.  At Atelier Salons, we love Aveda’s Style-Prep Smoother mixed with Aveda Confixor gel.  Apply throughout hair, comb through to distribute.  Using blowdryer and hands, get hair about 90% dry. Use any multi-row plastic bristle or boar bristle brush (we prefer using a Denman brush), start wrapping the bangs across your forehead, from left to right, then from right to left, downwards onto your forehead.  Once the bangs are warmed up, put the brush and blowdryer down and hold your bangs down flat on your forehead using the palm of one hand.  Hold them down like that until they cool down.  Remove hand, and you’ll see that they have decided that you’re the boss and they will behave today!  If you want a bit of a bend in the hair or for the ends to turn under, use an appropriate-sized round brush to just turn the hair under.

Now you have a new trick to use to control your hair!

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