We love what we do, who we do it with, and who we do it for…You.

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Our mission is simple…to make people happy.  Whether it’s our happy team, or our happy guests, we’re spreading happiness at Atelier Salons.

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    Spring Makeup: Trade In & Trade Up

    We know you have some long-abandoned piece of makeup lingering at the bottom of your cosmetics pouch, gathering errant concealer smears and dustings of eyeshadow as it slowly turns an unappealing shade of taupe. You can’t quite bring yourself to throw it out — but......

  • FightFrizz-Feature

    Fight Frizz with the Aveda Smooth Infusion system

    Red wine, a bar of chocolate, your guy’s face—the best things are better smooth. Nowhere is this maxim more apt than when our hair comes into play. And while warming temps and later sunsets have got us all kinds of excited for spring, we also......

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    How To Stretch Out Your Salon Hairstyle

    You’ve just stepped out of the salon with an amazing, voluminous, shiny, swingy hairstyle, ready to take on the world. But what about tomorrow, when you have a job interview/bridal shower/blind date/family photo? How can you get great second-day hair? Here are a few tips......

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