We’re Still Wearing Masks at Atelier…and other important items

We’re Still Wearing Masks at Atelier…and other important items

Mask Mandate Update

You may have heard the news that the CDC has said that fully vaccinated people can take off masks and California’s governor is going to allow masks off and businesses fully opened as of June 15.

However, we still need to hear from our county, our State Board of Cosmetology, and OSHA. 

Although the CDC has made the recommendation, it’s a nationwide recommendation, and California was closed for much longer than most other states, so we prefer to wait until all of the state and local agencies that govern our operations announce their positions. Not to mention that California’s current mask mandate is still in effect, therefore there is no change for California residents.

We are still going to keep our masks on at Atelier until further notice and require anyone in the building to do the same.

In the meanwhile, we will still focus on the health and safety of our team, our guests, and our community, and that means that we will all still be wearing masks for now.

Vaccines have become readily available, and we hope everyone get theirs so everyone can be protected.  We’re all in this together.

*If you need a mask, just ask.  We have one for you.

Now is the time to stock up on Aveda!

NOW through May 19, save 25% on all Aveda retail during Atelier’s May Essentials Event!

Stop by to shop in-store or go online for fast, easy delivery!

Join the Atelier Elite and get Aura onto your mobile phone!  It’s super easy, just click HERE, and then save it to your Home Screen on your mobile phone or bookmark on your desktop.

If you had an online booking account on our previous software, use the same email address and click on ‘forgot password’.  Reset your password and you’ll be all set.

Enter your credit card into the secure system and you’ll be able to checkout seamlessly.

Delete Pocket Salon if you have it, we have completely stopped using that platform.

Use your Aura link to book online, purchase gift cards, order retail products and root haircolor kits for curbside pickup, Pre-Shop* before your appointment, and even check out from your mobile.  It’s quick and simple!

*What is Pre-Shopping?

Before your appointment, do a quick inventory of what you’re out of or low on, choose your retail on your Aura, add to cart, and when you come in, we’ll put your order together to save you time!

If you prefer to receive your AVEDA product at home, please use this dedicated Atelier link to receive free shipping and samples directly from Aveda, who shares a portion of the sale with Atelier.  This supports your local, woman-owned small business, and you can feel good that part of your purchase supports Atelier.

Shop online for your Aveda faves and maybe try something new!

Still want to minimize your time in the salon?

We are still offering our Home Haircolor Root Touch-up Kits,

Gloss Kits, and Treatment Kits for your convenience.

Those can be ordered and purchased in-store or by phone. 

We book these as 15 minute pick up appointments, and if you need a consultation, let us know!

Does the thought of applying your own root touchup make you hesitate?

We have a solution…Atelier’s Express Root Touch-Up Service!

Your Atelier Artist will apply your Atelier custom color root coverage formula, cover your hair with a cap (and a reusable microfiber wrap for $20 if you want to do this again) and you go home to wash it out.  You must live within 15 minutes of the salon to do this, and this is only for gray coverage, not blonding or highlights. 

We even include a cute little home wash set and gloves. It’s less time, less cost, and a pro applies your color…Win/Win!!


It’s as easy as this:

1. Take the quiz at this link: Meet Your Atelier Stylist Match

2. Be matched with 3 Atelier artists based on compatibility.

3. Email or call us to book. 

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Have you heard the news about the big changes to the Aveda Pure Privilege Rewards Program?

It’s now called Aveda Plus Rewards and has had some major upgrades, like instant redemptions at Atelier and easier gift certificate redemption for in-salon services at Atelier!

Ask us about it when you visit us to get rewarded even better for your Aveda purchases at Atelier!

Welcoming You Back to Atelier

The health and safety of all of us is paramount at Atelier. 

It’s our focus and our commitment to you and to our team.

We are still not relaxing our strict protocols.  The vaccinated population is definitely increasing, but we are still wearing our masks, and require everyone inside Atelier to be wearing one too.  

Between wearing masks 100% of the time we’re in the building, to the air purifiers, partitions, sanitation, disinfection, and all of the ‘over-and-above’ safety protocols we are still doing, many of our guests told us they felt safer at Atelier than in most other businesses.  We love hearing when we’re on the right track!

If you have any feedback, compliments, or suggestions, please email our General Manager, Rob, at rob@ateliersalon.com.

To see the quickest communications from us,

connect with us on

Instagram @atelieraveda and/or Facebook.

Thank you for being the best part of our purpose:

Creating happiness at Atelier

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