Want to turn heads? Show off your colorful side!

Want to turn heads? Show off your colorful side!

Wondering what it takes to get noticed this season? More and more fashion colors are entering the mainstream. With hair color chemistry becoming more advanced and dress codes less restrictive, there is no better time to rock some gorgeous teal or unicorn pink. So how can you proudly wear that fashion color? Read on.

Fantastic haircolor by Atelier Senior Artist Marissa

Technicolor by Marissa Domanico

FIrst, know that fashion colors are finicky. It is a high maintenance color choice that fades faster than other natural colors. Expect to return to the salon with the pastel version of what you left with. This is where Aveda color, in my experience, is superior. Aveda’s color is oxidative. That means as opposed to other brands that just stain the hair and then fade wildly off tone, Aveda color lives inside of the cuticle for longer lasting color that fades on tone. The more you maintain one color, the less it will fade as the color builds up on your hair. Plan to gloss your ends every 4 weeks.


Fashion colors do fade, so have them refreshed every 4-6 weeks to keep the color looking its best!

Fashion colors do fade, so have them refreshed every 4-6 weeks to keep the color looking its best! Denim to Ocean Blue by Karie Bennett

Before you can decide what color you want in your hair, it is important to analyze your current hair. Is it virgin (never been color-treated) or is there color in the hair? Dark or light? Hair must be pre-lightened before a fashion color is applied to create vibrancy. Light-haired people have more options in this area because they can easily create a platinum base for anything from royal purple to pastel blue. However, darker heads are going to have a harder time getting their hair light enough to show light fashion colors. This is even truer if the hair is previously colored. The color choice thus must be in accordance with how light the current hair color will lift. Also, because the process includes pre-lightening the hair, the hair must be healthy. A stylist can perform a strand test, taking a small section of hair and applying color with the intent of observing the hair’s reaction, to ensure both hair integrity and color options.


Dusty pink pixie by Amy Miller

When choosing the perfect color for you, skin color is less important than hair color. The purpose of a non-natural hair color is to make a statement. It’s best to choose colors that look good with your natural hair. For example, “peacock colors,” i.e., cool-toned purples, blues, greens and reds, look amazing in black hair. Platinum plays beautifully with the baby pastels. Warm browns are fun with vibrant coppers or unexpected magenta. This is true whether you decide to do panels of block colors that peek out, a natural-to-fashion ombre’, or a full head color.



Red around the edges by Kaila Richards

Deep conditioners and a heat protectant are a must to keep the hair in tip-top shape and extend the color as long as possible. Olaplex, a bond repair system that starts in the salon and continues into your shower, reverses any damage from the lightening and can be added directly into the color every appointment. Remember that fashion colors are a commitment and it will take several processes to completely return to a natural color.

With celebrities from the pop art-tastic Katy Perry to the refined Rachel McAdams taking the funky color plunge, go ahead, be inspired! Wear your fashion color with confidence and watch heads turn. By making the proper choices and knowing what to expect, you will prove that non-natural colors are beautiful, and have earned their rightful place in the world of fashion.

–Anna Johnson, Atelier Advanced Artist and In-Salon Coach


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