Any occasion special enough for a new outfit deserves amazing hair and makeup. After all, a photo lasts forever—is it Instagram-worthy? Show us your dress and we’ll design the perfect hair and makeup to complement your look. Bring a photo of the red carpet hair you’re dreaming of and we can make it happen. You can even email it to us at and we’ll find the best artist for the job.


For the Bride:
As you plan your wedding day, book a hair and makeup rehearsal with one of our artists to create a look that suits your personality, and your vision of your walk down the aisle. When the big day arrives, your bridal hairstyle and makeup application will be well-planned.
For the Groom:
It’s your special day too. If your haircut and facial hair needs an update, see us in the months leading up to your wedding day. We can help you find the perfect ‘tux-ready’ haircut to grow into. We can handle the rest of your wedding party too.
Contact us for pricing info for our services. We offer on-site services as well. Inquire by calling 408-244-4222.


Styling and Blowouts

From smooth to sky high, coils to curls, All Up to Half Up or Boho braids–if you want it, we can make it happen.

Our stunning blowouts start at $50 for our  level stylists, and increase depending on higher skill and experience. If you require an additional curling iron or flat iron session, there may be additional charges due to extended time and effort.

Styling and Blowouts

Blowouts$50$55$60 - $70$75 - $85$90+
Updos$100$105 - $110$110 - $125$125 - $150$150+
Depending on artist’s experience and how intricate your desired style is.

Please be sure to inquire about pricing before you schedule.

artist's workshop

Yellow Line

Atelier literally means "artist's workshop", which explains our approach of combining superior education with creative vision to bring out your authentic beauty, while enhancing your best features to suit your lifestyle. At Atelier, you are our greatest work of art.