The Atelier Protégé is an essential facet of Atelier.

The word, Protégé, means, “one under the care and protection of another.” We take that to heart, by caring about the education of our new generation, and strengthening the culture that keeps us strong and deeply passionate about our craft. In other words, we like to grow our own. Atelier is improving the beauty industry, one hair artist at a time, through the Atelier Protégé program.

This comprehensive program develops incredible technical skills, strong customer service vision, and excellent product recommendation abilities. Atelier Protégés are fully licensed cosmetologists who assist the Atelier artists during the week and receive a mix of hands-on and theory time taught by Atelier coaches, the salon owner, and Aveda certification classes. Models are taken during class time and include a thorough consultation, an expert service, a finished style and complimentary makeup touchup, all at no cost to the guest.  (A small product fee applies during our haircolor module.) At the end of the program, the prote’ge’ auditions to have a chance to become an Atelier Artist.

Classes are held on Mondays from 9 am to 2 pm.

Call to inquire about our upcoming class appointment availability: 408.244.4222


Atelier Salons believe that a career requires a solid foundation to build on.  We take this seriously, so we thoughtfully created an employment experience that is structured, organized, guided, and supported.

We explore career paths with every employee to be sure we are always playing to our team’s strengths.  This means giving our artists the training and education they need to be the best.

Atelier’s Prote’ge’ Program, since 2002, has provided post-cosmetology college education opportunities that have resulted in solid careers in the beauty industry, and a coveted chair at Atelier Salons.

As we grow our team, our salon grows stronger in talent and reputation.  Our team is a shining example of the success of our Prote’ge’ program, with many artists celebrating more than 10 years with us.

If you want to meet us to discuss your future, go to our careers page, and fill out an online employment application.


“I love the Protégé program! One of the best parts about the program is how much we learn! I love that every education day we have, I learn AT LEAST one new thing if not, more. The educators are amazing and they help us so much.  One of the things I appreciate the most is how I feel like I’m part of a team. It’s a precious thing to me and I’m so proud to be part of a team that really cares. ”

“Aside from the advanced education (which is awesome), the program has also helped me improve my work ethic and develop real-world skills. Every day at work makes me feel like I’m part of a team, while working feels like less of a ‘job’ and more of an career. It really puts the term ‘team player’ into perspective. I’m beyond excited to see what the future holds for my career as I continue at Atelier.”

“First of all, I love the Atelier prote’ge’ program.  Second of all, I LOVE the Atelier prote’ge’ program.  Last of all, I really LOVE the Atelier prote’ge’ program!  :)  I used to work at a salon that did not have a training program, so I did not get any consistent training at all.  We have a great program at Atelier with a specific training schedule spelling out techniques to cover. There are great educators on our team who teach us, and they all care about our growth.  I feel the program has achievable milestones and support to help me.  The Atelier team is a FAMILY, so we help each other and work really well.   There are so many people who have graduated the program and they stay and still work at Atelier for many years. That’s the kind of salon I always wanted to be a part of. I’m in my dream salon!” 

If this is what you’re looking for post-cosmo college, apply now at:




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Atelier literally means "artist's workshop", which explains our approach of combining superior education with creative vision to bring out your authentic beauty, while enhancing your best features to suit your lifestyle. At Atelier, you are our greatest work of art.