Rapunzel lets down her hair

Rapunzel lets down her hair

Hair extensions.  You’ve no doubt heard about them, but might never have considered them for yourself.

Your hair may be fine, thin, shorter than you would like, or just never seems to grow.  Maybe you would like to see what you’d look like with highlights but don’t want to make the commitment of hair color.  If this describes you, you’re the perfect candidate for hair extensions.

We caught up with one of our hair artists, Tanya Ohanian, and got the scoop on hair extensions.  Tanya O works her craft at Atelier Willow Glen as one of our barbers, but she is also super skilled at salon blowouts and hair extensions.  She was certified at The Hair Shop in Los Angeles, and perfected her craft in Las Vegas, where she was the favorite extensionist for many of the showgirls and dancers.  Now a part of the Atelier team in San Jose, she is excited to bring her talents to our local clientele.  Read below for a quick interview about Tanya and why she loves extensions.

Atelier: How long have you been an extensionist, and why do you love this particular part of the hairstylist craft?

Tanya O: It’s been almost 10 years since I was trained and certified, and I love the transformation that extensions create for my client.  It’s an immediate change, and it makes their hair dreams come true!

Atelier: How can extensions be used to improve a client’s hair?

Tanya O: Adding length is the most obvious, but for the client with thin sides who wants to strengthen that precision bob, or someone who wants to play with color, we can definitely add some highlights, deeper tones, or even go a lot lighter.  I love to watch the confidence level of my client go up, and of course, there is some serious ‘hair-swishing’ going on as they float out the door.

Atelier: What’s the process for a client who is interested in adding length, thickness, or color to their hair with extensions?

Tanya O: The first step is to schedule an extension consultation to come in and talk about what they want, and I’ll do a color match.  Once we decide on what the final result will be, I’ll price quote for the hair and the install, which includes a cut and styling.  At that point, the client will purchase the hair and we’ll place the order and schedule the installation visit.  The installation can take anywhere from 1-4 hours, depending on what the result is going to be.  The install price is individual, and is influenced by a number of factors, including hair texture, density, and condition.

Atelier: Sounds great!  How hard is it to take care of extensions once they are installed?

Tanya O: I’ll review that with each client, but with proper care, the new hair will stay shiny, tangle-free, and beautiful until the reinstallation appointment, which could be anywhere from 3-5 months, depending on hair growth.

Book your consultation with Tanya O at Atelier Salon & Barber Shop, Willow Glen: 408-293-3494.

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