Theresa Elliott

Studio Location Manager


Education: Some college, licensed Esthetician

What makes me awesome:
I’m a Mom!

Previous job:
I was an esthetician for 8 years at an Aveda Concept Salon in Watertown, MA.

I’m from Boston!

Guiltiest pleasure:
I watch & love The Real Housewives – all of them.

Were you voted “most likely to” anything in High School? 
I was voted – “most likely to spread peace in a third world country”. Ha ha ha!!! I really was! Oh and class clown.

Quote or mantra that I strive by: 
Keep it simple, stupid.

My favorite food: 
My Mom’s meatballs

Worst hair phase: 
In 7th grade, I shaved both sides of my head with my Dad’s razor. Bad idea!

The most daring thing I’ve ever done: 
I moved from Beantown to CA…