Tara Price

Salon Location Manager

Attended De Anza for two years, then transferred to Gavilan community college, where I graduated from the cosmetology program.
Previous beauty industry experience:
I started out as a stylist and transitioned into management,  finding the business side of the salon world to be even more interesting than what went on in the salon chair.  I most recently managed a multi-location wax bar.
Guiltiest pleasure:
Watching reruns of Friends, currently have 46 episodes on my DVR.
Voted most likely to…:
I got voted Best Dressed in my economics class.
The tv, movie, or literary character do you most identify with:
Sherlock Holmes, because I’m a natural problem solver with logical reasoning.
If I could choose another career:
I would want to be a physiologist focusing on children, I love kids!
The article of clothing I have owned the longest? What’s the story:
I have owned my Bumblebee apron since I was about five years old. My grandma made it for me.
I’m awesome because:
I’m awesome because I bake for my co-workers.
(We can’t wait for those baked goods, Tara!)

Email: tara@ateliersalon.com