Paris Bristow

Guest Experience Coordinator

Joined Atelier: February 2017

Education: Graduated from Boynton High School and will soon be attending Cinta Aveda Institute in San Jose, CA

What makes me awesome: I am extremely compassionate and I love helping people when they need it, and I’m always a shoulder to lean on.

What other careers interest me: I am going to be going to cosmetology school. If I wasn’t pursuing becoming a hair stylist, I would also be interested in marine biology.

What quote or mantra do you strive to live by: “Take it one day at a time”

Countries I have traveled? I have only ever traveled around the US. In the future I would love to visit my family in Canada. Paris, France is also on my bucket list.

What’s my guiltiest pleasure? I love to sing really loud in the shower and in my car.