Cannabis hits the Beauty Industry – and it’s a Good Thing


Cannabis hits the Beauty Industry – and it’s a Good Thing

As you may have heard, Cannabis has become the herbal darling of the beauty world.  Turns out, it’s not just for wellness anymore, and it’s not the same herb you knew back in college.  Cannabis has gone mainstream.  Not just grown in black light in a basement, cannabis is now grown outside, in the sun, just like our lettuce and strawberries.  And it’s made its way into our skin and body products, with good reason…it’s amazing.

It’s time to leave the hippie connotations behind and get hip to the benefits of today’s cannabis extract: CBD, otherwise known as Cannabidiol.  You can find hundreds of online articles and info on it, just be sure to read the most up-to-date versions, as the cannabis industry is moving fast and learning new benefits of this botanical extract at a quick pace.

At a recent beauty convention in Long Beach, California, there was a whole new aisle of products utilizing cannabis.  It seems like it’s everywhere.  We decided that if Atelier was going to offer a CBD product, it had to be the highest quality and the best product out there.  After recommendations from other salon owners and our own research, we chose Leef Organics.

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Leef Organics has a boutique line of cold-pressed, sun-grown, certified organic, non-GMO beauty and wellness products that are grown in licensed farms in Northern California.  They use the whole plant–using the CBD Entourage effect to combine all of the components of the plant to boost the efficacy of the ingredients.  This is an amazing point of difference.

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The Leef Organics line arrived at Atelier in early February 2019 and we have already had a reorder just one month later.  It’s been a popular addition.

Atelier is proud to bring our customers:

Leef Thrival – a superfood that promotes overall wellness and calm.  Great for restful sleep, with anti-inflammatory benefits.

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Leef Revive – a cocoa butter/lavender salve that delivers fast relief and restoration for achy joints and tight muscles.

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 9.49.20 PM

Leef WildCrafted Skin Oil –  an amazing antioxidant and free-radical fighter that enhances your glow, helps boost collagen, improves elasticity, and evens skin tone.

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Leef Nooks & Crannies Soap – gentle enough for sensitive skin, soothes and calms, hydrates and rebalances.

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The newest product in the line: Recover Sport Roll-On – This unique rollerball includes cold pressed, full-spectrum whole plant CBD blended with wild crafted herbs to create a powerful herbal muscle and joint formula.  Roll-on and get on with your day!

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See what everyone is talking about. Come get your Leef at Atelier.

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