Atelier Salon has a long history in the South Bay.  The first Atelier was opened 18 years ago by Karie Bennett, a Master Artist with over 30 years in the beauty industry, in downtown Los Altos.  Five years later, in 2002, the AVEDA Corporation offered her the chance of a lifetime: to open Atelier Salon, the flagship AVEDA lifestyle salon at Santana Row.
In 2007, Atelier outgrew the original salon, and opened a second beautiful location at the Row: Atelier Studio.
Multiple salon business awards later, Atelier was expanding rapidly, creating over 40 jobs in the South Bay, offering Atelier employees benefits unheard of in the salon industry: 401k, paid time off, and medical/dental/vision coverage.In 2011, Rob Willis joined Atelier as General Manager, bringing his experience in the banking and spa world. Under his leadership, Atelier took another big leap forward, advancing the Atelier mission of 5 star customer service.
Now over 50 employees, Atelier is nationally recognized as one of the Top 200 salons by Salon Today magazine, and is one of the Aveda Corporation’s top salons in the country. Both Karie and Rob have been speakers for industry conferences on topics of salon management, salon marketing, and customer service.

The true secret to this growth and success is a salon culture built on education and teamwork, and the belief that happy employees create happy customers.
Atelier’s mission is to give salon employees as many opportunities for growth and success as they can.  Atelier takes care of the business, so our artists can take care of you. This freedom allows them to focus on their craft.

When the Willow Glen salon opportunity came up, Karie and Rob put their unique skills together to purchase the salon and bring the Atelier spirit to Willow Glen.

From Karie and Rob:
“Atelier means ‘artist’s workshop’.  Our highly skilled, well-educated artists take their craft seriously, spread beauty and happiness, and most important, your hair will look and feel amazing.  We are looking forward to taking excellent care of you at Atelier Willow Glen.  Can’t wait to meet you!”

Be Inspired.

At your service,
Karie Bennett & Rob Willis

Atelier Salon
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