Tanya Guerrero

Senior Artist – Atelier Studio

Great with long hair and makeup!

Joined Atelier: November 2011
Certifications: redCHOCOLATE colorist, Keratin Complex
Previous job(s): 
Makeup artist, MAC Cosmetics
Hometown/places lived: 
Union City/Sacramento
Why I decided to become a stylist: 
I love being able to have creative freedom, and immediate gratification when my clients feel beautiful.
My favorite thing about my work: 
Everyday I learn something new and different from the previous day.
What makes me a great stylist: 
I am someone who is not only well-educated and trained, but extremely passionate and excited about their work.
Professional goal: 
To travel and continue learning
Other hobbies and talents: 
Hiking, running, biking, kayaking, archery and anything outdoors