Looking for hair color that’s subtle, show-stopper, or something in-between? Atelier Artists can give you the hair of your dreams, using Aveda’s botanically-derived hair color. Sunflower, castor and jojoba oils leave your hair shiny and vibrant, and Aveda’s home care regimen for color-treated hair will keep your color from fading away.

Color services range in price according to the Atelier artist’s education, experience, and skill level. Please ask us which level will work best for you. All Atelier Artists are certified by Aveda.

New to Atelier? If you’re not sure what color service you need—a subtle glow, or an all-over change—it’s best to have an artist take a look and come up with your customized color plan. Lifestyle consultations are the best way to get on the same page. No one likes sticker shock. Call to reserve some time to chat with us. We’ll give you a quote for time, cost, and maintenance.

Color Price Ranges*

Lifestyle Consultation

(redeemable into first hair color visit with same artist)
New Growth Touch-Up
$60 – $140
Whole Head Darker
$80 – $160
Partial Head Highlight
$90 – $185
Full Head Highlight
$110 – $220
Whole Head Lighter/Corrective or Customized Color

*The color prices listed are averages. Pricing for our color services depends on two things: the experience of the colorist and your hair. We recommend that you come in for a consultation. We will discuss what you want to achieve with your hair and will be able give you a definitive price. Hair below the shoulders requires more color and more time, and we need to adjust the price accordingly.
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What is a redCHOCOLATE™ colorist?

redCHOCOLATE is the new approach to hair color education—an intelligent upgrade of the status quo, created under the belief that a haircolorist is not only an artist, but also a professional. And part of being a professional means knowing that creativity and business are not necessarily mutually exclusive. redCHOCOLATE’s multidimensional educational experience puts the two together. This connects the art and business of color, and paves the way for creativity that drives amazing and successful results.

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Atelier literally means "artist's workshop", which explains our approach of combining superior education with creative vision to bring out your authentic beauty, while enhancing your best features to suit your lifestyle. At Atelier, you are our greatest work of art.