Michelle Lajeunesse

Guest Experience & Wedding Coordinator

Education: Cleveland Institute of Music of Case Western Reserve University (Bachelor of Music) under the tutelage of Vinson Cole.

Countries I have traveled to? I have been to Austria, France, Italy and Canada. I have studied abroad in Salzburg, Austria and twice in Tuscany, Italy.

What’s my guiltiest pleasure? My guiltiest pleasure is decadence. I like lush music, robust wine, rich food, flowing dresses and nature’s breathtaking landscapes.

What playing piece do I normally choose when playing monopoly, why?
I always choose the guy on the horse for Monopoly because I love horses! I have a horse named Indy and competed in Dressage and Vaulting growing up here in San Jose.

Which tv, movie, or literary character do you most identify if and why?
I feel that I identify mostly with Bizet’s character,¬†Carmen,¬†because she has an aura of command about her.

What article of clothing have you owned the longest? What’s the story?
I have owned a black formal gown since high school that I cannot ever picture myself getting rid of because it is timeless. I purchased it for a Winter Formal dance but have used it for performing.

Describe your favorite food?
My favorite food changes pretty often but I think right now it is safe to say that it is Nutella Pizza.

What mantra do you live by?
My mantra is simple, give out love and you shall receive love. I truly believe that you can create your own reality.