Utah Sanui (1)

Utah Sanui

Atelier Protégé

Joined Atelier: August 2016

Hometown/ Places lived: Born and raised in Fukuoka, Japan. I have also lived in Honolulu, Hawaii, and Fremont, CA.

Languages spoken: Japanese and English

Why I decided to become a stylist: To make clients feel beautiful and comfortable not only with their outward appearance but with their inner beauty and confidence as well.

My favorite thing about my work:  I love everything. Besides changing people’s looks everyday with color and cut and we form personal relationships, as well. I enjoy meeting new people and building relationships. The beauty industry is always changing and I can continually learn more. It is very exciting!

Describe the last time you made someone’s day:  The last time I shampooed a client’s hair, they told me that it was the best shampoo that they ever had.

What I want every client to know about me: I am really friendly, a good listener and passionate about hair. I always give my full energy to clients.

Best or worst hairstyle in your past: In junior high in Japan, all of the boy students were required to have buzz cuts. It was horrible!

What quote or mantra do you strive to live by? “Ippo Ippo” (Japanese meaning “Step by step, day by day.”)