Jess Anne Greene

Senior Artist – Atelier Studio

Great with extensions and perms!

Joined Atelier: February 2010

Haircut: $80
I went to the Cinta Aveda Institute in San Francisco
Previous job(s): 
I taught ice skating lessons at Ice Center Cupertino for 8 years. 
Why I decided to become a stylist? 
I always wanted to do hair but I followed the education path. I decided that I wanted to talk to people face to face every day and have fun while making a living. Mission accomplished!
My favorite thing about my work: 
My favorite thing is that every day is different. Working with amazing women and meeting interesting clients is a constant joy.
Describe the worst hair phase you’ve been through: 
I had a terrible bang trim in college. To this day I cut bangs veeeerry slowly because I don’t want to make anyone cry like I did for weeks. :)