Karen Qin

Karen Qin

Atelier Protégé

Joined the Atelier team: March 2017

Hometown/Places lived: Beijing, China

Certifications: Certified Cosmetologist

Why I decided to become a stylist:

I was always very interested in hair and makeup, but didn’t have the chance until I came to America. Here, I saw stylist’s beautiful work in salons and how they loved their careers, and I dove into cosmetology.  Now I have my cosmetology license, and was accepted into the Atelier family, and I am excited for the opportunity and ready to live my dream!

My favorite thing about my work:

It is the continuous education part: I love learning! It gives me energy and a good feeling, so I chose to apply for a job at Atelier, where provides me complete education, on not only the solid foundation of haircutting and coloring but also all the advanced and up to date technical skills. I believe that will help me achieve my goal and do the best work for my clients.

Describe the last time you made someone’s day:

That was the day after I took a two-day ‘My Aveda’ Class, during which I learned a lot about Aveda’s history, what the whole product line is all about, and also the specialized services Aveda offers to clients. I used the hand massage technique I learned from the demonstration, and when I saw the client smile and relax, I knew she liked it very much, and this taught me that professional knowledge will lead me to the best service.

What I want every client to know about me:

I am a very open and honest person, so I would really appreciate honest feedback about my work so I can constantly improve.  That is the most important thing to me.

What quote or mantra do you strive to live by:

Quality over quantity.  It’s important that I achieve the best results for our clients.  That’s number one!