Anna Johnson

Advanced Artist and Educator – Atelier Salon

Great at pixie cuts and creative color!

Haircut: $75

Joined Atelier September 2011

My favorite part of my job: When I can instantly fix a problem my client is having with their hair; whether that is a bang that won’t lay right, a new styling trick they can use at home, or a color that grows in naturally.
What is your daily mission? 
That you look great for the next six weeks, not just when you leave my chair. My goal is to give you the service and education you need to have a great hair day everyday.
Best Professional Achievement: 
 As one of Atelier’s in-salon educators for new talent stylists in the salon, my goal is to teach salon-ready techniques and encourage an attitude of exploration to up and coming stylists in our salon.
What is your specialty? 
Pixie cuts are my specialty! I love the versatility and style that comes with short hair. There are millions of ways to switch up the look through styling and cuts.